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Cyclones Apparel

Apparel Committee

Apparel Committee

Please contact us for any Apparel related questions

Cyclones web apparel items

Apparel Registration for jerseys, warm-ups and bags is now CLOSED!! Anyone with questions on how to obtain jerseys during the season, please use the link above to contact a member of the apparel team.  Have a great season!!

Jersey numbering policy

The Cyclones jersey number policy is that each player will have their unique jersey number for their tenure at the Cyclones.
Due to limited availability, specific number requests and number changes will NOT be considered. Returning players needing replacement jerseys will retain their fall jersey number. Please note, if you are new to fall Cyclones hockey and do not have a number assigned to you, you do not need to wait to order your jerseys and/or warm ups. Numbers will be assigned automatically and placed on the items you order.
Over the years we have exhausted our unique numbers in the birth years and have had to assign the same number to skaters in travel & NW programs.  We have moved away from the "Seniority Policy" due to increased player counts making it difficult to have unique numbers in each birth year within all leagues.  Our new policy is that travel jersey numbers are different than NW jersey numbers.  Players moving from NW to travel or from travel to NW may have to switch numbers based on availability.  When a player is CUT from travel and placed down into NW, those will be reviewed by a case-by-case basis.  Cyclones are not responsible for warm-ups, garment or hockey bag replacements if you are forced to switch numbers.  We will, however, give you 1/2 off the new jersey order for that year.  If the situation arises that both players were at the same travel or NW level the prior season but not on the same team and this year they are on the same team, then we will resort to seniority as documented in the apparel records.

2016 Cyclones Apparel

  • Home Jersey                    $100
  • Away Jersey                     $100
  • Home Socks                      $20
  • Away Socks                       $20
  • Warm-up Jacket (name & number included)    $70
  • Warm-up Pants (number included)   $45   
  • Parka (Navy)                  $110
  • Garment Bag                   $55
  • 33” Deluxe Hockey Bag    $120
  • 39” Deluxe Hockey Bag    $125
  • Coaches Hockey Bag   $55


NWHL patch placement

NWHL Patch Placement

NIHL patch placement

NIHL Patch Placement

CSDHL Patch placement

CSDHL Patch Placement

Social Media

Apparel takes to Social Media!!  We're on Twitter Facebook & Instagram!!  Follow the links below to get connected.  We'll be using social media to give you updates on when our table will be open for sales as well as new products coming in the future.  Any questions please use the link below to e-mail the apparel committee. Thanks and have a great season!